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Company Info

When working with Braun Events, you get much more than just an equipment provider. Braun Events provides the best customer service in the industry. From the start of setup, throughout your event, and until the last truck is loaded, a Braun Events owner will be available by phone 24/7. We believe in taking every step necessary to ensure a successful event and a satisfied customer. At Braun Events, our dedication has resulted in numerous repeat customers and multi-year contracts. When you hire us for your event, Braun Events becomes a part of your team. We work with every individual and help in any capacity we can to achieve success.


About the Owner

Bobby Braun is the President of Braun Events and has over 40 years experience in the special event and festival industry.

“I enjoy working with the people in our industry. They have become not only our customers but our friends and I look forward to seeing everyone each year. My father taught me the value of not only hard work but problem solving as well. Each event is different and brings it’s own unique problems, and being able to adapt to each one is something that only comes with experience. With so much experience both from me and our team we feel confident that we can solve such problems with ease. It’s our response and our ability to correct these problems when they do arise that sets us apart from our competitors.”