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Zac Brown Band 2011 Braun Events Provides Stage Power
Zac Brown Band 2011
Braun Events Provides Stage Power
Equipment Load in 2012 Super Bowl
Equipment Load in 2012 Super Bowl
Alan Jackson 2012 Braun Events Provides Stage Power

This is a list of the equipment we provide.
You can click the name for more information on any rental item.

  • Generator Rental: Braun Events generators are not available for rent for industrial or emergency work. If you need a unit for that purpose please call and we can refer you to a company that we work with that specializes in that field.
  • Electrical Distribution Rental: Braun Events has newer panels, spider boxes, and cable. Everything is UL listed and designed to meet the standards set forth by Section 525 of the National Electric Code which is specific to portable applications pertaining to movie locations and festivals.
  • Portable HVAC Rental: Braun Events can provide cooling or heating to fit any size building, tent, or structure. From 1 ton spot coolers to large industrial chillers, we can custom design a system to fit your needs.
  • Tent and Tent Lighting Rentals: Braun Events has a large variety of tents available from small individual tent-by-tents and large individual structures. Braun Events also has a wide variety of tent lighting to fit different applications. From 4 foot fluorescent fixtures to high end LED movers, we can provide what you need.
  • Light Tower Rentals: Light towers are utilized where large areas need to be flooded with light. Uses for this type of equipment can include events for youth sports, parking lots, festival midways, back stage, and construction sites.
  • Ticket Box Rentals: Braun Events has a fleet of 2 window and 6 window mobile ticket booths. These are often used in beer gardens and food courts.
  • Utility Vehicle Rentals: Braun Events has a fleet of gold and utility carts. These should only be operated by responsible adults.
  • Portable Bleacher Rentals: Braun Events carries 2 different models: one seats 180 people and the other seats 240 people. Delivery and setup required, and each unit must be placed on a fairly level space.
  • Office Trailer Rentals: Braun Events is in the process of ordering new office trailers custom built for the festival market.
  • Dressing Room Trailers: Each have three rooms for rest and relaxation.
  • Miscellaneous: Other items include fencing, barricades, staging, radio communications and many more special events needs.